Roof Replacements

We think replacing a roof is serious business. It requires detailed consideration and planning and a responsible, knowledgeable, skilled and reputable contractor to do the work. It’s also a major investment that increases the value, attractiveness and longevity of your home or business. It represents who you are. It also represents who we are.

When considering roof replacement we evaluate the following:

  • Client interests and concerns.
  • Overall age and condition of the existing roof.
  • Repair history, dates, type and cost of repairs.
  • Visible signs of damage to the roof including loose, damaged or missing shingles or tiles or cracks in roof.
  • Exposed underlayment.
  • Water leakage.
  • Damaged or corroded valley metal or flashings.
  • Dry rot damage.
  • Sagging roof and/or structural damage.

We provide recommendations based on our years of experience as to what type of roofing material would be appropriate for your roof taking into account the architectural style of the building and client preferences related to type, color and pattern of materials.

Carmichael Roofing Inc. provides roofing material samples for your consideration and selection as well as information concerning manufacturer warranties.